Graduating Year: 2014

Alba graduated from King’s College Alicante in 2014. She says that studying in a British school has enabled her to choose what and where she wanted to study.


I joined Queen Mary University of London to study Aerospace Engineering in September 2014 and since then things are just getting better and better. Firstly I made the right choice of degree, this is probably the most important thing to be able to make the most of University, achieve your full potential, and of course enjoy yourself. It is during your A-levels that you really have to try your best and look into the different degrees and courses out there.  Secondly make the most of your last years at school because you will have to apply the skills you learn to your everyday life, at least for the first year, and the more you learn the easier the first year will be.

My first year of University couldn’t have gone better, everyone is in the same position and the most common worry is not making friends. There are many societies that you can join where you can meet so many people, your flatmates and course mates; all these people are willing to make friends as well.

The opportunities out there are great; one of the last events I assisted was the WES conference, which is to promote women in Engineering, since only 7% of the Engineering workforce in the UK is female. Five female Engineering students from each UK University were chosen and sponsored to assist the event, and it was absolutely great.

Finally to sum up everything I’d like to say, enjoy school because you will miss it later. For the students about to graduate, try your best and choose wisely. University is great!