Graduating Year: 2005

Alberto developed a love of the Sciences during his studies at King’s, coupled with his passion for the outdoors and a love of languages – it’s no surprise that he ended up in another country and able to embrace all three of his passions.

Alberto Lorento LealAfter leaving King’s I studied an Erasmus Double Degree exchange program with the UPM: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2011-2013) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden, Stockholm. This gave me access to a Swedish engineering degree in IT plus gave me the opportunity to learn Swedish, which was a mandatory element of my course. I also obtained an M.Sc in the same period in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems.

I always wanted to do an engineering degree, but I was never sure what element I liked. Luckily I landed in Telecommunications at the UPM where I was inspired by the activities on IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). These were organised by students which increased my desire to love my studies, and primarily engineering, from other similar students working on activities and workshops related to the field of study. I learned a lot, improved myself as a professional and at the same time developed the skill to be able to take the initiative on situations.

During my time at King’s there were a lot of influential people that I interacted with. The teachers that really gave me a great time where Paul McNally, Mr O’Connor and teachers from the Spanish Bachillerato like Angeles, Raquel, Pablo and Mr Ortega. All of them gave a lot of support and passion to see their students succeed in their future career.

A special mention to Jerry which passed away long time ago, I would say he was a very special teacher and exceptional in that sense. I did not understand his way of teaching at that time, but after years now, I understand what he was really trying to teach us. He tried to show us the importance of thinking for ourselves and reach our own conclusions in order to develop yourself wisely on what you want to become.

I am now living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. I did one year of R+D in the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and switched to a company called ComeOn! which focuses on offering Odds, Casino and Poker playing online where I am working as a Software Engineer. Sweden is definitely one of the greatest cities I have ever seen so far and I really love the environment and life the swedes have which is very positive. The weather might be tough in winter; but still you can cope with it with so many great things on offer in Stockholm.

I am still part of the IEEE in the Swedish region where I am now the Interim Chair of the Young Professionals Affinity Group, coordinating and managing the activities of this chapter. I also quite recently became a judge of a 24 hour worldwide programming competition: IEEExtreme 8.0, which was held in October and as part of the organising team, we supervised and prepared programming challenges for around 6000+ participants.