Graduating Year: 2012
Joined King’s College Soto de Viñuelas’ boarding residence in 2008 where he began his final four years of study towards IGCSE’s and A Levels. In the summer of 2012, Alex graduated from King’s but not before being enthused by having the opportunity to both live and study with other young people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. He soon discovered a passion for travel, which he has now been able to tie into his current studies at the world’s best hospitality management school.

Alex MurphyOnce I graduated King’s, I decided to take some time out before continuing with my studies at university. I planned a trip around Europe with my friends, taking trains and visiting Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and the Czech Republic. We had a great time, meeting various people and exploring places that we’d never been to and with such different languages.

Upon my return home, I worked in a local hotel, gaining experience and learning about the hospitality industry. This was my passion.

In February 2013 I gained a place to study a Bachelor of Science degree in International Hospitality Management at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, which is named the world’s top hospitality management school.

Studying here I met thousands of people from all over the world and for six months we worked in the school, learning all the physical elements of the hotel and hospitality industry. We worked in Kitchens, Bars, Event management and even Housekeeping!

As part of the course we have to take a six month internship in a hotel anywhere in the world and I chose The Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, Japan. I learnt not only about the Japanese culture but about Japanese service and management styles. After work we would explore Tokyo, visit bars, party, experience the local culture, visit temples and shrines. Those six months were just amazing and I the best thing I have ever done in my life. Tokyo is an amazing place and I think that it should be mandatory for everyone to visit at least once!

When I first came to Spain in 2008, I just grew this love of exploring and travelling. Madrid is still the best city I have been to and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. After I finished my internship I had a few weeks left before school so I went travelling in Indonesia which is the most beautiful country I have ever seen in my life. The beaches are amazing and the people are among the most welcoming and hospitable I have ever met. I love traveling and I love meeting new people from different cultures.

Whilst studying at King’s, I was inspired by many people, but I think that the fact that I had the ability and support to apply for an unusual degree in an unusual country (I was the only student from my class who didn’t go to either the UK or Spain for university) really inspired me do what I love. Travel, meet people and work in hotels.

Mr McNally and I had very similar interests (Music, Film, Television, Pink Floyd) and he encouraged me to apply for what I love. He helped me apply to both British and Swiss universities, he helped me with interview technique and generally helped me get where I am today.

Mr Slocombe was a house parent in the residence and we had a great student/teacher/house parent relationship. He actually treated us like adults instead of just saying he does, which I really respected. He was honest, blunt and hilarious but most of all he was likeminded. He loves travelling and would tell me about his adventures in Las Vegas and around the world. When I was the Head Boy of the residence, he actually used us and treated us as staff, using us to help him with lights out and giving us responsibility over the other students on trips to Madrid etc.

Finally, Mrs. Nazha also influenced me heavily. I’ve known her since I was 14 when I first joined the school. She wast my English teacher, then house parent, then Head of the Residence. She taught me to be resilient and to fight for what I want and not to settle. She helped me greatly in times of need, she supported me when I needed it and I will forever be grateful for that. If I had a problem with a teacher or fellow house parent, she would listen and make a rational decision instead of the typical “She’s your teacher, do what she says” answer we usually got.

I would not be the person I am today without these people and the opportunity to study at King’s, I am so glad I met them.

I arrived back in Switzerland in February and have been knee deep in studies ever since but I have taken up a few positions within committees at the school. I am the lead guitar player and Head of Marketing for the Music Committee, we put on various concerts and events with the most recent one being a “Back To The Future” themed event where we played songs from every decade. We sold it out and had an unforgettable night.

Secondly I am the Head Bartender for the “Fete Finale” Committee which is the party committee on campus who organises the big leaving party within the school for the graduating class every year. The theme this year is “Rock N’ Roll 50’s” and I have 25 staff working under me in various bars which are all under my management.

Finally I am now looking for my second Internship in Food & Beverage management, I have interviews lined up with various hotels in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Let’s see – but the world is my oyster now…