Year of Graduation: 2014

alumni 2

After graduating from King’s I moved to Scotland where I proceeded to start my studies in the University of Dundee. Currently, I’m studying to complete my BSc Degree in Business Management (Accounting and Finance) (with Hons). I can show all my gratitude to King’s College for awarding me with this incredible opportunity as it is thanks to the time and studies I took that I obtained the knowledge and expertise needed to make this dream come true.

Deciding to study a degree in finance was not a difficult decision for me as I was always fascinated with the world of finance especially when I was a kid and I would run around causing havoc around my poor father’s office. Nevertheless, I can say without doubt that it is through the dedication an enthusiasm of teachers such as Mrs. Bevins, el Señor del Puerto, Ángeles, Mr. Fischer and many others that I am now standing where I am.

I studied at King’s College for 13 years and I just finished my second year in my university. At King’s I have grown, I have learned and I have become the person that I am today, however, deep down I will always be one of El Señor del Puerto little lambs.