billy perez

King’s College has left a significant mark in my upbringing as an individual.

The possibility to study alongside a myriad of nationalities and cultures has been instrumental in my personal, social and professional development.

I graduated sometime ago… I still remember the bus journeys to Soto. At that time, Tres Cantos (a new town) did not exist. The surroundings of King’s were fields and countryside. I still remember running those “cross countrysides”, being timed for the 100 meters. The nerves of those competitions, the football games during the lunch break. Am sure you also do?

We had no mobiles, there was no “google”, no “browsers”. Years later teachers like Jonathan Gray, Nigel White, left a positive mark. Friendships from school have been so important…and we are still in touch.

In terms of my life, after A-levels I studied a degree in economics in the beautiful town of Bath. Economics was a fascinating area and subject and thought I will end up working in a bank or trading floor. Since then I travelled the world and worked in multiple countries including Japan, Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Germany; there was always one word in my mind
“learn”. What is life though but a continuous learning curve.

After numerous years of travelling and intense experiences working for the Spanish embassy in different countries decided to make London my home. This was twelve years ago, and now am working for a US company (based in the mormon state of Utah) in the commercial area of an innovative IT solution.

We help organizations with their processes, communication and collaboration through a cloud based user friendly solution. We have customers like Apple, Cisco, Burberry, Emerson, etc. Am dealing with a number of markets (DACH, Scandinavia, Iberia, ME),
Having studied at Kings it has helped me in building professional relationships too as am constantly working and dealing with different cultures and nationalities. It has certainly expanded my horizons and opportunities. Recently got married in Ronda to a beautiful Georgian lady and we live in the SW part of London, in lovely Putney famous as it is the place where the Oxford and Cambridge takes place.