Graduating Year: 2006

Diana finished her GCSEs at King’s Saint Michael’s and went on to study Law. She looks back on her time at King’s with fondness and happy memories; thankful to both her teachers and fellow students.


dianaAfter finishing my GCSEs at King’ Saint Michael’s College, I continued my education (A-Levels) in another city and later on graduated in Law LLB.

I love and cherish dearly the 2 years I spent in Saint Michael’s and consider my tutors as my adoptive parents. Saint Michael’s helped me in becoming who I am and I will forever be thankful for the most amazing memories and for the values that it taught me.
During my time at King’s, my Business Studies teacher Beverley Waite was the one whom I’d go to if I had any difficulty or just for a contagious laugh. Another teacher I will always remember is the Principal, Mr. Higgins, for his great memory with all the students’ names and mostly for always having the time for each single one of us.
I am now the Director of the legal and marketing department in a furniture and constructions business in Italy.