Year of Graduation: 2016

elisa_martinElisa worked hard during her time at King’s College, Murcia and it has paid off, as this September she moved to Glasgow to start her university degree in Biochemistry.

“I chose to study at the University of Glasgow as it’s the one that interested me most because of its dedication to research, especially in Biochemistry, which is what I want to study. But the truth is that deciding on a university is very complicated and getting good advice is so important. For me, my tutors and teachers at King’s helped me a lot.

It’s really important to revise well for exams; the British exams aim to test a different range of learning skills to those from the Spanish system. King’s follows the British curriculum, so we finish Sixth Form well prepared for our exams and then we can attend any university in the world. I also think that the British education system has helped me to be able to hold my own at university as it has helped me to be more independent with my studies – which is a key skill at university level.”

Elisa was part of many extracurricular activities, which she realises also helped her get into such a top university.

“It’s not just about getting really good grades at GCSE and A Level (pre-university exams in the British system), the universities also look hard at you as a person, your extracurricular activities and what you have done as well as studying. You have to put all of this in your personal statement in order to stand out. I was able to do lots of different activities because King’s College arranges lots of different opportunities for us. One of the best that I was a part of was the Student Leadership Weekend conference that I attended in Madrid (and was run by King’s and COBIS – Council of British International Schools). I also greatly enjoyed being able to help at the summer school. Both experiences taught me a lot and the admissions team at the University of Glasgow obviously valued the skills that I had learnt.

Before coming to Glasgow I thought I would find it hard to integrate myself because I thought I would miss my family and my hometown. But it has only been a few months and now I feel at home here in Glasgow. Moving to a different country to study has made me so much more independent, mature and I know that I have grown as a person. If this is how much I can learn from just a few months, I can’t wait to see how I will change throughout my degree.”