Graduating Year: 2003

Gloria studied at King’s College Soto de Viñuelas and graduated in 2003. Her time at King’s made her into a well-rounded individual, passionate for helping others. After graduating from university in the UK, she was able to realise her dream and now works for an International NGO offering support and assistance for the promotion of children’s rights in over 50 countries.

Gloria Donate RibagordaI am very passionate about justice, equality and respect for human rights, particularly combining this justice for people from other cultures and backgrounds. I feel very frustrated by inequality and lack of respect of international law, either human rights or humanitarian law. I try to transform this negative energy into positive action and working along others to promote change in people’s lives.

During my time at King’s College, I always felt supported and empowered by most of my teachers to do whatever I wanted and to fight for what I believed in. Particularly though, I would have to point out three, which had the most influence on me. Those were my History and English teachers (Mr. Anderson, Mr Grey and Mr McNally). Classes with them were not about memorising or completing assignments, it was about analysing concepts, arguments, statements, debating theories and having an opinion of my own. Those three stand out of the crowd because they would question you, they would push you to your limits but at the same time, they were always there for you after hours, to talk not only about school, but home and the future. Having teachers that make you think, question the traditional thinking and bring to the classroom current affairs topics, was inspirational.

After I left Kings, I went to study my BA in International History and International Politics at Keele University (UK) and straight after, my MA in Human Rights from UCL (UK). I discovered during my uni years my passion for development and humanitarian assistance, always through a human rights approach, so I decided to leave the UK to work in Jordan and Palestine, and then I went on to the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, etc.) to practice as an aid worker and I have also worked for international NGOs (Progressio, ACTED and now Plan) and for governmental institutions ( European Union) in Latin America and the Middle East.

After four and a half years working in the Caribbean for the Department of Humanitarian Affairs of the European Union, I decided to move back to London to be closer to the family and friends. I am now working for Plan, an international NGO that works for the respect and promotion of children rights in over 50 countries around the world. I am the manager for our humanitarian projects in Asia and East Africa, which is a 15 million USD portfolio. I am fortunate enough that while being based in London, I still get to travel to these countries, which has always been a part of my job which I love!