Year of Gradduation: 2014

Helena Montoro

What inspired me to do this is: my parents, the environment I was exposed to and my will to seek adventures. I’ve been in King’s College since I can remember and I needed and wanted a change from everything that I have ever known. Hence I decided to go to the UK to continue my studies. The reason why I chose the University of Kent is because I felt attracted to it since we had our very first university speech back in year 10/11.What attracted me about Kent is that it had the option to study Pharmacy, which was my dream degree by that time. I kept the idea of going to Kent all the way until year 13 even though I decided to pursue Business Administration (BBA) studies.

Despite the doubt of whether or not I’d enjoy my time abroad, I was decided to take a step further and stick to my decision.

My parents and Mr Edgley (Mathematics teacher), are the most influential people in my life, they know me best and what is best for me. My parents, at first they did not agreed on me studying abroad, but then, they understood how important it was for me to learn and develop as a person by studying abroad. Whereas for Mr Edgley, he was an exemplary teacher, I can’t thank him enough for the long hours he spent with me trying to make me understand the impossible, and for the hope he had on me; he is the only teacher who actually stood up to me and command me to stop complaining, to start learning because I can do it and I am capable of doing whatever I propose myself to.

I’m on my placement year at Rackspace (number one cloud hosting company).

My time in King’s has helped me to understand that the bad is not terrible, and the good is not as amazing as we think it is. In King’s I understood the importance to be oneself, no matter what. In King’s I’ve realized the importance to fight for what one wants, pursue your dreams and never give up even though there is still a long way to go.

I’ve been raised in King’s, two years ago, King’s was all I knew.

To be franc, if I had a chance to go back in time, to my first day at King’s College, I would do it in a flash.