Year of graduation: 2001

We are happy to see  Ignacio go from being a student to be on his way to becoming a teacher as he is currently working as assistant professor and researcher on Biomedical Engineering at the Polytechnic University in Madrid.

“When thinking  of those who influenced me most during my time at King’s, many names come to mind , Raquel Oliveros (great teacher, passionate for History), Antonio Ortega (brilliant scientific mind), Fernando Lage (devoted to teaching and students till the very end), Sara Fernández (I shamelessly confess to having adopted some of her teaching mannerisms), and many more. But above all one name: Gerardo “Gerry” Sanz, who taught us valuable lessons on how to be self-dependant adults and learn how to think by ourselves. A truly inspirational figure from whom today, many years later, I find myself still learning from.

I am currently an assistant professor and researcher on Biomedical Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I cannot say that this was my dream career all along. I simply did not know it until I began teaching!

In parallel, I conduct my research in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning for Minimally Invasive Surgery, working in fields such as computer vision or data analysis. I began working in this field during my PhD, and was living for a short time in Delft (The Netherlands) doing a research stay. For a brief time I was also at Oxford University giving the final touch to my PhD thesis. Currently, I am looking to expand into new research fields related to biomedical signal processing, such as electroencephalography analysis.

I enjoy my free time practicing sport, mostly running and hiking – if I ever get lost look for me in the mountains.”