Graduating Year: 2001

From entrepreneur to politician, Lucas finished his studies at King’s College in Madrid to go on to take a plethora of higher education courses and has since gone on to enter the world of politics and is even a well-versed Spanish entrepreneur.

Lucas Calvo PérezAfter I left King’s College I studied a BBA in Business Administration with a year in industry at the University of Kent. After this I came back to Spain and was awarded the ICEX scholarship, which allowed me to study an MBA in International Commerce. A couple of years later I studied another Master’s Degree, this time in Marketing. In January 2011 I read my PhD in Historical and Legal Sciences at the University Rey Juan Carlos.

My biggest inspiration actually came in one of the worst days I remember at school. That day, I was told “the biggest regret you will always have, is not having tried and not giving your best every single time” ever since then I’ve tried again and again. I’m not always successful, but the fear of failing doesn’t stop me from working hard to achieve my goals. If you fail, you can always try again; but if you never try, you’ll always regret it. That was the lesson I learned that day and I will never forget it.

I had a lot of influential people during my time at King’s College: Mr. McNally, Mr. Howard, Mr Gray, Mr. Elliot, Mr McLaughlan, Sara, Ángeles. I’m pretty sure I’m leaving out a few names here! They all taught me the one thing that has made me who I am right now: the importance of hard work, sacrifice and overcoming difficulties to achieve your goals.

After having done my placement year at the European Parliament, I came back to Spain and worked for five years as an economic and parliamentary advisor in the Spanish parliament. A couple of months ago I started working at Kreab Gavin Anderson, a Swedish Public Affairs and Communication agency. I currently give advice to banks and financial corporations on how to improve their relations with the government and other public and political bodies as well as analysing how the different laws that are under debate affect their business. I also give external economic advice to a political party, for which I was also candidate in the last European elections. In 2011, I founded Matute 11, a small business in Madrid which exploits tourist apartments in the city centre. I am also helping with the start-up and currently working in a few other entrepreneurial projects.