Graduating Year: 2011

At King’s College we strive to support all our pupils achieve their dreams, no matter what that might be or where it might lead them. This was something that encouraged and drove Nicky to achieve his and today he is one of London’s finest Golf PRO’s.

Nicky StewartWhen I left King’s College I took a gap year. I did this because my passion is Golf and I felt that I needed to dedicate a year to see if my progress was good enough to fulfil my dream of turning pro. After a year, I was on the boundary of being at the level I needed to be at in order to achieve my dream, and my parents allowed me to take another gap year to see what I could make of myself.

It turned out to be rewarding. In March 2014 I was offered a job in London at a golf course called Langley Park, but before I could start I had to pass “playing exams” and also coaching exams to be able to be offered a full time contract, which was due to start in October 2014.

With more hard work I managed to pass all the exams and I am pleased to report that I have now turned PRO and am member of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association). I have also started doing a university course about Professional Golf Studies which involves, marketing, business management, sports science and bio mechanics.

This was and will always be my dream job, but I knew in order to achieve it, that I was going to have to work hard and motivate myself to become the professional that I am now. My parents, teachers and coaches all contributed to this attitude and ensured that I always kept focused and gave it my all.

My teachers at King’s College were a particular and constant source of support and encouragement, special mention must go to Mr Simon Wicks and Danny Esteban, who always wanted to know about my progress and the tournaments that were happening. Knowing that I had their support meant a lot to me and really spurred me on. For me though, the person that stood out the most was the headteacher Mr Derek Laidlaw, who not only motivated me, but he kept me focused and thinking positively, even through the hardest of times. Even when I might not have believed in myself, my teachers at King’s College always believed in me and for that I can’t thank them enough.