Graduating Year: 2006

Ali graduated from King’s College Soto de Viñuelas in 2006. Although his journey after King’s College was not easy, he did not let any obstacles stand in the way of his dream, and he is now a successful physician. He also formed friendships at King’s College that are still strong today, after 20 years.

Ali Assaf BalutMy road after school has not been easy. Back in April 2006 I was accepted in pre-med school at America University of Beirut (Lebanon). Unfortunately, destiny had other plans. In summer 2006 Israel and Lebanon engaged in a 31 day long war, devastating the country, and with it, my plans for the future.

I decided that no one would stand between my dream of becoming a physician and me, and so, after a year of biological studies at Universidad Complutense de Madrid I resat the Selectividad exam and obtained the sufficient grade to access the most prestigious faculty of medicine in Spain: Facultad de Medicina de Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

After some 7 years of fighting and hard work, here I am, writing this small story, to motivate anyone who is reading it, to never stop pushing for what you love.

I am currently a physician, applying to work in the best hospitals around the world, including cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Navarra, London, Southampton, Bath and Essex.

Every time I have the opportunity to thank KC, I do. KC has taught me so much, not only from an academic point of view, but from a personal and social point of view. I met my best friends Enrique Martinez de Azagra Gareli and Juanmanuel Bethencourt de la Peña, also KC graduates, back in school. This friendship was forged 20 years ago, and it is still strong to this day, and I am proud to say that we have KC to thank for this.