Year of graduation: 2016

Silvia has always loved music and her drive and passion has led her to one of thsilvia-de-teresa-2e top conservatoires to continue developing her musical talents.

“Currently, I am finishing my conservatoire final grade at ‘Conservatorio Profesional de Música de San Javier’, in Spain. At the end of this academic year I’ll be doing the entry exams to music Universities all over Spain. I am working hard and putting all my efforts in order to prepare for them, given that you compete against musicians that come from all over the place. I believe that in music -as in life-, your ‘natural talent’ is insubstantial if you don’t influence it with the effort you put in. No one is born knowing how to play the piano or the violin. Now the musical education you have, the effort you put in and lastly your natural ability will determine what you become in the wide world of music. That’s why it is so important that schools introduce music in students’ life as much as they can.

During the years I studied at King’s College Murcia, I always felt I had the support from staff to practice at whatever time of the day. The facilities are much better than in other schools, and the teachers always took into account that I was going to a music school in the afternoons and that my time was more limited. King’s College not only made it much more easier for me, but it also made me learn the value of determination and independence in my work, which makes it easier for me now.

I am doing what I love and I am really enjoying myself, despite the long hours of hard work. In a close future, I hope to finish my piano degree and start another in Orquestral Conducting, which is one of my dreams.”