Graduating Year: 1985

Sydney graduated from King’s College Soto de Viñuelas in 1985 and was accepted to the Conservatories of Utrecht and Amsterdam where he studied piano as a major and graduated in 1997.


Sydney Sitters

I was awarded with the ‘Kunstanjer’ prize for music. I gave concerts in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Poland amongst others. I also became an autodidactic painter and artist. I taught music at a high school in the Hague for some years and continued to explore the field of electronic music as well.

Being in the arts seemed natural to me, I then thought, and still do now, that it is one of the best ways I could somehow express my fascination for many things and perhaps even inspire others too. I am fascinated by science, mathematics and philosophy and how certain minds are capable of understanding the sheer impossible. My time at King’s College enhanced this and inspired my love of learning through the creative arts.