Graduating Year: 2011

Guillermo graduated from King’s College in Soto de Viñuelas in 2011 to head to Scotland and undertake a degree in Chemistry. He tells us that King’s taught him to keep focused and above all to keep doing stuff, and that is something he has certainly achieved!

Guillermo Luque ConsuegraIn the summer of 2011, upon completing my studies at King’s and before university, I went on a volunteering trip to Belize before starting university at Heriot Watt that same September. I possess a deep interest in research and a desire to help others through science. So I was extremely happy when I earned a place to study Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Chemistry BSc(Hons) as it offered me the chance to study a subject that has deeply entranced me ever since I can remember. I am now currently in my fourth year of my studies, with the prospect of furthering my first degree with a PhD or a MSc in Biotechnology.

When I was at King’s my teachers Samia Amriou and Paula Fitzgerald showed me the realms of Chemistry and pushed me to succeed in my A-levels. This love for the sciences was then further developed by my Biology teachers Mr and Ms Oxford who always had an interesting approach to the subject, which kept me engaged.

Outside of Science, my other passions lie on the battlefield! And on the hobbies front I am a Battle of the Nations competitor (Competitive Medieval Full contact combat) and since July 2014 I am 18th in the World in the 1 on 1 category. I am also a Blue belt in TKD, President of Heriot watt Medieval Society and currently organising a paintball tournament involving many societies within Heriot Watt University. I balance my extra-curricular activities of course with my university studies – because there was something very important I learnt during my time at King’s, that it’s important to keep focused and above all to keep doing stuff.