King’s alumni around the world

Where We Are Now

As educators, we are proud of our former pupils’ success and that is why we do the best we can to help them reach their potential whilst they study with us.

Just as important is where they go next, after watching them develop and learn, we are always curious as to where their lives take them.

King’s alumni go on to study, work and live all over the globe. This has developed an extensive and far-reaching network of individuals and groups with shared interests. In today’s digital and globalised world, the need to network has never been more important.

Take a look at our interactive map below to see just how far our alumni network stretches. We would love to hear where you are now so that we can add you to our map.

King’s alumni around the world

King’s alumni live and work around the globe. We are truly international schools with a truly international community.

Title Address Description
Scotland, UK
Madrid, Spain
Benin City, Nigeria
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain
Montpellier, France
Florida, USA
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
London, UK
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
New York, NY, USA
Faro District, Portugal
Tokyo, Japan
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Panama City, Panama

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