Graduating Year: 2013

Verena graduated from King’s College, Alicante in the Summer of 2013. Her time at the school saw her undertake many curricular and extra-curricular activities, one of which was her responsibility as Head Girl in her final year.

Verena OetzmannI am currently in my second year at the University of Warwick studying Electrical Engineering, as well as being secretary of the executive committee of the Warwick Engineering Society and on the organising team for the Warwick Energy Conference and the Warwick Technology Conference.

Being head girl at KCA made me want to have a position of responsibility at the university and contribute to changing something for the benefit of my peers. Thanks to the teachers at King’s I pushed myself to the limits and I continue to do so.

Mr Wicks, former Director of Studies, current Head of Secondary and KCA, always took his time to help me and encouraged me to push myself and aim for the best, despite his own very busy agenda. Mrs Fisher, former Careers Advisor, helped me find out what I actually wanted to do and advised me on the application process – thanks to her I was able to secure a place at the university of my choosing.

Mr Pemberton, my former Maths teacher and my tutor in year 12, made me question things around me and encouraged me to be more curious. He also inspired me to be interested in things outside my subject that I would usually not have considered.

It’s thanks to the dedication of my teachers that I was able to – and continue to – recognise the importance of working hard to get where you want to be.